Welcome to Long Ears Hawaiian Coffee LLC

On an 8 acre estate nestled in the foothills of majestic Mauna Kea Mountain on the "Big Island" of Hawaii is a picturesque Ahualoa, "the long hill". Here in the cool 2,000' elevation, kissed by the mist of our Hawaiian rains, is the Long Ears Hawaiian Coffee LLC, home to the unique "aged single estate" Hamakua Coffee. Here you can enjoy the experience of visiting the only coffee processing company on the Hamakua Coast that does the entire process on site. Come and learn about the little known history of coffee on the Hamakua Coast.

Long Ears Hawaiian Coffee

E komo mai
E ho 'onanea me Kope 'O Hamakua, Inu Koppe
Welcome come sit relax and enjoy our Hamakua Coffee with us
Mahalo... Wendell and Irmanetta Branco